10 Best LED Grow Lights for Cannabis

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We examined hundreds of LED grow lights offered on the market as of June 2019 and also developed a basic checklist to help you select the very best LED light for your marijuana grow. Each light was reviewed throughout a selection of factors: price, electrical power, yield, toughness, spectrum and more, these lights are absolutely the best choices around.

In this overview we’ll look at the functions that set apart the LED grow lights available for sale, so you can select one based on what’s essential to you.

Consider reviewing our recommended grow tents to pair with the right full spectrum LED grow light. 

1. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

The Viparspectra Reflector Collection of lights, like the 600 watt component below, are valued much below the leading brand names, but create similar, and also in many cases also much better, outcomes.

This Viparspectra 600w LED grow light equates to the outcome of a 600 watt HID system, while only consuming 276 watts. It additionally produces much less warm, so you reduce cooling devices. Overall, your operating expense will be well under fifty percent than with the HID matching.

The construction of the item is of excellent quality. The top quality as well as build clearly shows that a lot of time has entered into research and development of this product, careful experimentation and also testing. The warmth sinks are comprised of premium quality aluminum. 

The VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light is meticulously engineered as well as evaluated and also would last longer than the 3 year warranty.

Viparspectra Height From Plants


  • Uses 276 watts — save about 50% on your electric bill over HID lights
  • Equivalent to a 600 watt HID system — but costs less to buy AND to operate
  • Full spectrum light — can be used during all stages of growth
  • 3 by 3 foot core coverage — equivalent to HID or competing LEDs
  • 90° degree lenses — focus all the light onto your plants, so none goes to waste
  • Runs on AC100-240V — will work in any country
  • Rated for 100,000 hours — 8-10 years with no bulb changes
  • Includes light, hanging kit and power cord — everything you need to start growing immediately


  • Cheap
  • Energy efficient
  • Can be used for all stages of growth
  • High Quality
  • Two 4.72″ fan for cooling
  • 3 Years Warranty


  • May be too bright for clones and young plants. Be sure to increase distance from light to plants

I did a ton of research throughout the board and also I could not find a light that supplied double switches for vedge/grow and that might be daisy chained to run one timer without investing a lot. Then I discoverd this LED grow light.

After doing some digging and also utilizing Kind LED lights prior, I made a decision to give the 600Watt a shot. I have had nothing but outstanding results and I’m a few weeks far from wrapping up initially grow with vehicle flower seeds using these. 

These lights are great, I have actually not had problem with maintaining temps, even during the summer; yet I have two carbon ventilation systems established in the room. I also make use of both veg as well as flower through the entire grow, as well as it creates amazing lead to both size and also effectiveness.


  • Seedlings/clones the light was best at 22-24 inches i left the light there and
  • I would then let them grow “into” the light to about a distance 18-20 inches and maintain that until flowering cycle.
  • During flowering cycle i used both Veg and Bloom switches and let the plants grow to a distance 14-16 inches.
  • Keep an eye on stretching during the first week or two of flower as you will need to adjust frequently, and these leds are strong so you don’t want to light burn your plants.
  • Heat is no issue but you do want good constant breeze on your canopy.
    I took a chance because there is not a lot of people who have experience with these lights with cannabis, but it well paid off.

2. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light

Morsen 2400W LED

Let’s begin with this Morsen 2400W LED grow light review, which features a dimmer, full range lights as well as numerous cooling fans. The dimmer is useful below due to the fact that it allows you to run the light at fifty percent, if you just have a couple of plants or intend to reduce energy usage. One switch switches on half the lights, while the various other switches does the other half. Both fifty percents are staggered for both left and also appropriate usage. 

Mentioning energy use, you’ll be shocked by exactly how little is needed to maintain this system running. Even though it has a huge result of 2400W, it just makes use of regarding 450W to run. This keeps your costs good and reduced as you apply your eco-friendly thumb and grow edible plants in your wardrobe, growing camping tent or anywhere else.

Morsen 2400W LED

This is a very solid grow light. I have been fascinated with growing and elements that effect the grow. As I understand it one of the most important things in growing is the source, quality, and quantity of the light. Of course, the soil/medium, nutrient (NPK), pot/container, environmental condition such as moisture, pH, etc. all come into play when you are growing a small and newly germinated sidling into a big flowering plant. Back to this grow light. When I receive the light the only instruction/manual that came with it was the hanging manual. No mention of wattage, lumen, PAR, spectral distribution, etc. The good news is that I was able to measure all of these but it took me a while to measure them as it takes a long time to accurately measure, record, and combine all the data into an understand big picture.

This is an extremely solid grow light. I have been captivated with growing as well as elements that affect the grow. As I comprehend it one of the most essential points in growing is the resource, quality, and quantity of the light. Of course, the soil/medium, nutrient (NPK), pot/container, environmental condition such as moisture, pH, etc. are all factors that come into play when you are growing a small as well as recently germinated seedling into a large blooming plant. 


  • High Efficiency Powerful 10W EPILEDS double chips, low energy consumption
  • Free Strong Hanging Kits are available for easy installation
  • All LEDs with a Zener diode to ensure one LED out the rest can still working very well
  • Transferring 90% of electrical energy into plant absorbable luminous energy.
  • It is 3 to 5 times in efficiency than HID lights and HPS lights
  • 6 cooling fans, better heat dissipation than others, ensure the long lifespan and let the led grow light working in a good environment, and won’t burn your plants;


  • The Best Heat Dissipation. If you are tired of grow lights that overheat and last way less than advertised, then you are going to love this one with its powerful yet quiet fans
  • Customize The Intensity To Your Needs. It comes with everything you need to customize it to your requirements
  • Powerful and Perfect For All Stages. It is highly powerful and can be used during the whole growth cycle.


  • It is advertised to replace a 600 HPS, but in reality it does a better job replacing a 250-400 HPS
  • Some say customer service could be better.

These lights are the best lights you can get for the price, they do the same job of a light you would spend a thousand dollars on. As well as, you can rest easy recognizing that if you have any kind of issues with their products they will certainly take care of you as soon as possible with fantastic customer service. I had a problem as well as they quickly sent me a replacement.


Lighting Time setup: Vegetative Stage: 12-14 hours on; Flowering Stage: 9-12 hours on. Fruiting Stage: 7- 8 hours on Suggest distance above plants: 1.2-2m

3. Roleadro 300w LED Grow Light Galaxyhydro Series

The Roleadro Galaxy Hydro Collection 300W LED Grow Light full range hydroponic plant grow light which fulfills a number of needs. This is a light that is made with more red and blue light than white; which means that if you discover your plants just don’t seem as bright-eyed as well as bushy tailed as you would want them, you may intend to think about utilizing this lamp rather than those that have more white light. Brightness on a budget plan.

best cheap led grow light

Roleadro is an expert LED light direct maker, with 9 years production and also r&d experience for LED plant light.We can assure the quality of our items as well as will certainly guarantee our products all the time.Any requirement, we can supply your directly pointer for your growing.


  • 100pcs LEDs, brighter than other LEDs.
  • 3w Epileds high power Par Value ensured, high lumen, high brightness.
  • 100pcs LEDs included UV(ultraviolet) & IR(infrared) led. UV function: sterilization, kill bacteria which seriously influence plants flowering & growing. IR function: promoting cell division and flowering & vegetables, increase yield in a certain degree.
  • 2 cooling fans = better heat dissipation. Light won’t generate any ultra heat even works 18hrs a day; keep light has longer service life.
  • Zeners exit, the function is protect LEDs from stopping working while one LED is broken.


  • Optimal spectrum for healthy and strong plants. Get the best from blue and red light for your plants.
  • Save plenty of money in energy. The same power as a 400-watt HPS while consuming only 135 watts.
  • Super durable. It doesn’t overheat and it provides a light lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.



  • The coverage may be a bit small

This light emits much “whiter” light than the others I have purchased. The plant this is over is growing faster than the others with the same treatment, same height. This fixture is smaller because each chip is more powerful but the plant it is over does not seem to mind.

Just got two of these lights today and I am pleased to say, both draw 132w at the wall. I have returned a total of six 300w grow lights advertising similar true watt ratings of 130-145w only to find they draw 80w at the wall. Finally a light I can bank on to produce at the true watt rating. These two lights produce more wattage than the three I just returned on the e*** site. Thank you! I have read many growing journals using these lights and I am excited to get my grow area set up and perhaps, to purchase a third Galaxyhydro 300watt(er) if I like these. 

4. Kind LED Grow Lights K3 L300

This advanced series of LED grow lights will certainly create the greatest and ideal yields, while consuming roughly half the electrical power and also generating practically no heat. Your Kind LED grow light will grow record breaking yields, both in quantity and also quality, while running quieter, cooler, and also a lot more optimized than any type of other grow light.

KIND L300 LED Light

Kind LED grow lights feature a complete 12-band spectrum that provides your plants every lighting component needed for robust and complete growth, throughout all stages of their life cycle. Each LED in the 12-band spectrum contains a revolutionary “Secondary Optical Lens” for maximum photosynthetic penetration from plant top to base, considerably increasing “under canopy” production and yield.


  • Utilizes a 700 mA Driving Current to provide up to twice as much light coverage as your traditional lighting setup. This promotes proper growth and increases yields without question.
  • The K3 L300 boasts a proprietary blend of 12 different bands to provide the most ideal spectrum for the plants to grow the way they were meant to.
  • Ultra quiet fans with a cooling system that keeps it running at optimal conditions at all times. The drivers have been precisely tuned to deliver the quality that Kind promises.
  • Equipped with massive reflectors that provide more growing coverage than any other LED grow light per watt, currently on the market.
  • The 3 watt diodes are never driven to their full capacity to promise longevity and quality.
  • Very intensive light is ultra-bright and provides the proper PAR for the best growth and development of plants through photosynthesis.
  • Uses about half of the electricity as a 600 watt metal halide setup and you’ll never have to change bulbs or worry about over-heating issues that can sometimes be catastrophic.
  • Comes included with ratchet hangers that make it easy to install in your grow tent or green house.


  • The Kind LED grow light K3 L450 comes with extra large aluminum heat sinks and fans that work noiselessly to keep the unit cool. It’s a quality manufacture, compact in size and hence, ideal for use indoors as well as outside.
  • The best thing about the light is the diode efficiency, that is much higher compared to the other LED grow lights. This way it gives a much higher output giving you a healthier and heavier yield.
  • It’s a full spectrum light and that makes it ideal for each stage of the plant’s lifecycle. Whether its flowering or veg, you just need the Kind LED K3 L450 for all the phases of plant growth.


  • It is a bit expensive as compared to the other lights but then again, that’s just the startup cost you have to worry about.

5. GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Lights 12 Bands Full Spectrum with UV and IR, CMH 630W Replacement

The GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED light has fantastic PAR values. When we go over these, we might simply stop the testimonial and inform you to acquire it, because these lights are honestly well worth the investment. 

When GoGrow says the V3 light can change a 1000W high intensity discharge light, they mean it. Integrate those amazing PAR readings over with how much power you’ll shed to attain them: just 320W. 

Go Grow 3 LED Lights

Your electrical costs will certainly be significantly reduced if you switch over from high pressure salt or metal halide grow lights to this set. I just obtained this light to suit to a good 1.5 x1.5 x4.0 foot grow box, it is most definitely well made and also fit for the design. To me the most significant benefit is the warmth and also how silent it is, it’s not hot and stays relatively cool. This can hang really close to your plants without damage as close as 8 inches with extremely high PAR degrees. 


  • True Output Power: 320W
  • Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Beam Angle: 120 degree
  • Working Environment Temperature: -4F to +104F
  • Installation Height to Plant: 8”-40”
  • Continuous Working Time: 12-18 hours per day


  • The GoGrow LED review V3 Master Grower is a great improvement over the previous versions especially in terms of efficiency (output vs. energy used)
  • Full spectrum LED for the whole growing period.
  • The quality of the materials is top notch, which is probably why the price tag is a bit higher than the competition
  • The high efficiency and ease-to-use make it a perfect light both for experienced growers and beginners with smaller set-ups. So if you can afford it, this one of the best lights we’ve reviewed for months.


  • Price tag too high.

6. California Lightworks Solarstorm 440-watt LED with UVB

California Lightworks Solarstorm 440-watt LED with UVB The SolarStorm 440 is a very powerful LED grow light. It features 144 high flux bin OSRAM SSL emitters. 

The system is designed to cover an area of 3′ x 3′ for Bloom and up to 6′ x 6′ for Veg. 

The SolarStorm 440 also includes a special additional UV-B mode which is essential to develop greater potency. The sun normally consists of huge amounts of UVB. HID lights do not supply any significant levels of UVB. No LED grow light out there covers the UVB range since LED diodes are slim band and also concentrate their light in a slim range. 

SolarStorm uses unique T8 fluorescent UVB bulbs integrated right into the fixture with a different control. I have a total of 4 of these, and also they are terrific. Much cooler during usage than sodium vapor light. Fantastic vegetative growth, plants didn’t extend toward the lights as well as grew short and also tight with great light infiltration, and also currently switching over to flower mode. Running a comparison with same plants under sodium vapor, and also I more than happy up until now with the results from the Solarstorm. 

California Lightworks Solarstorm 440

Excellent light for indoor growing. Gives HP and MH lights an honest run for the money. Company reps provide great support and a 3 year warranty. Be ready to have your expectations exceeded and your growing space cooled, all in one day!


  • New Super High Flux 5W LED Diodes. This feature allows the SolarStorm 440W to provide a more stable spectrum needed to grow taller plants.
  • 88 x 5W High-quality LED Emitters. This grow light is fitted with 88 x 5W high-quality LEDs that provides adequate UV needed to grow healthier and stronger plants.
  • Built-in T8 Fluorescent lights for UVB. This unique additional feature is essential to augment higher crop potency. The UVB bulbs are usually switched on during the last few weeks of the growth cycle to increase the effectiveness of the final harvest.
  • Switchable Color Spectrum. The California Lightworks SolarStorm 440W grow light features a color spectrum with vegetable and bloom options. You select which option is needed in the growth phase of your plants for excellent quality produce.


  • Great customer support
  • Stays cool
  • Operates quietly
  • Plants don’t reach for the light
  • Energy-efficient LED-based grow light.
  • Has selectable switches.
  • Compact design.
  • 36 months warranty.


  • Does not come with ratchet hangers
  • Very concentrated light

7. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

The ViparSpectra Reflector-Series 450W LED grow light is an inexpensive, tough and efficient indoor light product. It is perfect for people that grow a wide variety of indoor flowers and plants. This grow light will aid plants at all stages of their growing lifecycle and provides a better possibility to develop appropriately. 

The Viparspectra 450w is designed to ensure you obtain the most effective yield feasible as well as prevents plants from getting sunburnt, because it sends out more balanced as well as even light. For beginners and also my clones seemed to truly like them. After my clones were rooted as well as ready to leave the humidity dome, they were hair transplanted into 2.5 gallon pots. I positioned them in my iPower Mylar grow space under the 2 ViparSpectra lights hung at about 24 inches above plants. They were transitioned to 20 hrs of light a day for the very first 2 weeks((veg spectrum envisioned)which runs very awesome temperature level wise. At the start of week 3 I switched over to full spectrum as well as they took off. Under complete range the warmth difference was barely recognizable. Thus far exceptionally delighted with these lights and will def suggest for veg.

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 450W


  • 4.72 inch fans
  • 400 watt HPS/MH consuming just 200 watts.
  • 2.4 x 8.4 x 15.8 inch dimensions
  • Weighs 6.4lbs
  • Accommodates all growing stages of plants
  • Input Volts AC 100 to 240 volts


  • Decent spectrum. Despite being cheap it offers your plants a very decent light spectrum for all growth stages.
  • The power of a 400-watt HPS consuming only 200 watts. More power for less energy and more money in your pockets.
  • Unbeatable warranty. 3-year warranty + 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


  • Lacks the daisy chain feature for connecting additional light fixtures.

8. MARS HYDRO Full Spectrum Grow Lights for High Yield 

The Pro II Epistar 120 is a low priced but top quality LED grow light. This LED light is furnished with switches that permit you to change the light range to the particular demands of plants in their numerous cultivation stages. This enables the plant to be supplied with precisely the appropriate light from a very early age. 

Power, fans and also LED chip components are of premium quality and the innovative reflector design satisfies the needs of every person that intends to attain premium quality. The Pro II Epistar 120 is additionally outfitted with U-connectors that enable multiple lights to be joined together. Every one of these variables make the Pro II Epistar 120 an extremely fascinating LED grow light that is absolutely worth more than its affordable cost.

MarsHydro Pro 2 Epistar 600w

With this excellent budget grow light you can veg an area of 30” x 30” or cover 18” x 18” during flowering. The unit itself is pretty compact too, making it excellent for small grow spaces.The light comes with two switches. With only the grow switch on it draws just 81W, or 170W when the bloom switch is added for extra reds.However, the main area where this light exceeds similarly priced models is with the addition of reflector cups around the diodes to focus, direct and intensify the light, achieving greater penetration, better coverage and minimizing light loss.


  • This light with the highest penetration.
  • The full spectrum is perfect for veging and flowring.
  • The new led chips promise the high quality.
  • The new design make it more efficient.
  • The long lifespan make you more confidence to use.


  • Works great in my 4X8 Grow Tent
  • Only cost me like 25 bucks a month to run


  • Concentrated light
  • Some have had deficient lights needing returning (hasn’t happened to me though)

9. Advanced Platinum Series P900 900w 12-band LED Grow Light – DUAL VEG/FLOWER FULL SPECTRUM

Advanced Platinum offering goes further, providing a plethora of customization and light focusing features that would make it one of the best units in the entire Advanced Platinum series, which itself is highly regarded. Given the high claims that the product makes, it is worthwhile to study the extent to which they are substantiated by means of a more in-depth led grow light review of the Advanced Platinum Series P900

Advanced Platinum offering goes even more, offering a plethora of modification as well as light focusing attributes that would make it one of the most effective systems in the whole Advanced Platinum series. Given the high claims that the manufacturer makes, it is rewarding to research the degree to which they are corroborated using a much more comprehensive led grow light study of the Advanced Platinum Collection P900..

Advanced Platinum Series P900 900w

Concentrating 900W worth of LED lights is no kid’s play, and also therefore it is heartening to see that Advanced Platinum LED has supplied two focusing lenses – one angled at 60 degrees and also the various other at 90 degrees. Together, they make certain that the plants obtain the optimal light intensity despite where they are put within the light span of the item.


  • Platinum Build
  • 12 Band Spectrum
  • Focus Lenses
  • Compact Design
  • Long Life
  • Zener Diode Accompaniment


  • 100% Usable Light. You will not waste even a bit of electricity, because these lamps will offer you 100% usable light across 12 bands. Efficiency and superb growth for your plants.
  • Dual Focusing Lens for Enhanced Growth. This allows your plant to receive light despite their position, so they can grow optimally.
  • Maximum Coverage. You can either use the light for a 4×4 area or for a wider one (6ft.x4.5ft)


  • The installation can be tiring, especially for the beginner
  • Expensive

10.BloomBoss FUSION 600 LED Grow Light Featuring TrueSun Smart Spectrum Technology

BloomBoss’s FUSION ® 600 LED grow light including TrueSun ® Smart Spectrum technology, an extremely effective grow light that compares to 600 Watts of conventional HPS/MH lights while eating only 300 watts! With dedicated switches for the Vegetative and Flower cycles, BloomBoss’s FUSION ® 600 gives your plants with just the appropriate light range at each phase of their growth. BloomBoss’s proprietary TrueSun ® Smart Spectrum has actually been developed by interior farmers over years of cautious testing as well as screening to provide you with a true replacement for the sun. The TrueSun ® Smart Spectrum offers the optimal quantity of blue, red, and white light for every phase of your plants development cycle while creating larger blossoms as well as creating the natural appearance of your harvest.

BloomBoss FUSION 600 LED Grow


  • Proprietary secondary lenses that magnify PAR increasing light penetration deep throughout the canopy
  • Super cooled by two (2) internal fans for optimal LED performance
  • Active Thermal Management – If the internal temperature reaches 150° F, a thermal switch will initiate an automatic shutdown to protect your light from damage


  • Promotes growth during the vegetative and flowering stages due to full spectrum white, red and blue light
  • Energy Efficient
  • Built in cooling fan
  • Runs Cool with no thermal footprint
  • Cooling fans and ventilation systems are not needed
  • Environmentally friendly – unit contains no mercury
  • No need to replace expensive bulbs like in HIDs
  • LEDs are rated for at least 50,000 hours
  • Warranty – full coverage


  • The BloomBoss 90w UFO is on the lower end of power compared to the vast number of grow lights available on the market right now. The LEDs integrated into the grow light are 1 watt LEDs. It should be noted though that even at 90W of power, the BloomBoss does offer a unique Spectral “recipe” of light that focuses just the right type of light that growing plants need. So, even though the power output is on the lower end, the light being emitted is efficient and effective. Generally though, the light penetration stemming from 1 watt LEDs may penetrate less than higher wattage LEDs.