Common Questions When Growing Weed For the First Time

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Is growing marijuana easy?

Growing weed can be very easy. It can also be very difficult. However, this greatly depends on the strain that you choose to grow. It is recommended when beginning to grow to choose an “easy” strain to grow because these strains tend to be more resilient to mistakes you might make your first time. You can look up the grow difficulty if it is not listed but many seed banks will provide a difficulty level for you. Sometimes growing can be as easy as just watering every few days depending on where and what you choose to grow in. But most grows will be a little more high maintenance; defoliating occasionally, high/low stress training, etc. The hardest part about growing in my opinion is harvest day because you spend a few hours- days just trimming depending on how much cannabis you harvest. Other than that, grow efforts are pretty minimal (all relative on size of grow, I have a small 32”x32” grow setup).

How to grow weed plants indoors?

Seed Banks: It all starts with the seed. The first thing you will probably want to order first are your seeds because shipping for your seeds will most likely take the longest depending on where you order from. Many of the popular seed banks are located outside the United States, but there are still some located domestically. Once you have found a credible seed bank with good genetics, it is time to choose what type of seeds you want, then the strain you want to grow. If you are looking to breed plants to produce more seeds than you will need to grow males and females which are “regular” seeds or a 50/50 split. If you want to just grow only females that produce buds (males do not produce any buds) you will want you get “feminized” seeds. “Autoflower” seeds are the last type and are different altogether. A normal plants life will have a vegetative stage where the foundation of the cannabis plant forms establishing bud sites for the flowering stage and the flowering stage is when those budsites start blooming. An autoflower seed does not have these two separate stages and instead starts blooming as it establishes budsites. The benefit is that these seeds will be ready to harvest quicker than normal seeds, but the yield will be lesser.

Grow Space: The best way to grow cannabis indoors is to set up either a grow room or tent which will be your designated grow space. When selecting your grow space it is ideal (but not required depending on your lighting fixture used) to select a space near a window for ventilation of out hot air from your grow space. Typically you would want to work with as much space as you are permitted because cannabis plants can tend to grow very tall or wide and the last thing you want is a plant that is outgrowing your grow space. However there are ways to “train” your plants to better fit whatever space you are working with. For example, if you do not have much vertical room to work with, a popular technique many growers will do is they’ll stretch a trellis net over their plant so that it sits over the branches, otherwise known as the “scrog” technique. As branches grow you tuck them under the netting so that it prevents vertical growth forcing branches to grow outward more horizontally. Most indoor growers will want to keep short bushy plants. This is because indoors, your light source sits directly above the plant so if your plant is short and flat it will catch more light then a plant with no training done to it. Normally a cannabis plant will grow like a christmas tree so it is pointed at the top and gets bushier the further down the plant. This is because outdoors, the sun moves so all sides of a naturally growing cannabis plant will get light throughout the day. This is why most growers will train their plants indoors in order to maximize the efficiency of both the light and space they are using.

Lighting: HPS lighting runs very hot and therefore that hot air that accumulates needs to be disposed of because your plants will not grow in such extreme heat. LED lighting on the other hand does necessarily require ventilation if your grow room is staying around 78 degrees. This lights run a lot cooler than HPS and uses less energy, although there is controversy over the overall effectiveness of LED vs HPS when growing cannabis. There are some who insist that LED could never produce the same results as HPS; however there have been tremendous strides in technological advancement in LEDs in just the last 5 years that have been able to produce incredible results. Another benefit of LED lighting is that you can use it for the whole life of the grow cycle from seedling to harvest whereas HPS lighting only covers the flowering stage of a plants life so you will additionally need to purchase some T5 lighting or equivalent for the vegetative stage. Whichever lighting you choose to go with, you will need to determine the correct amount of light per square foot you will need to cover. Most grow lights will tell you the max coverage per square foot but it is important to also research results of other growers using that light because a lot of companies will exaggerate the max coverage area making it sound right for your grow space, but what you really needed was the next size up.

Ventilation: Weather you choose to go with HPS or LED you will still probably need a carbon filter and fan for both ventilation as well as odor control. When choosing a carbon filter and fan you will need to research what CFM (cubic feet per minute) you will require for your grow space to determine the size of the carbon filter/fan you get. In addition to your carbon filter and fan you will need to get a wall mounted fan to circulate air within your grow area. This will help your plants to establish strong branches that resist snapping under the weight from buds that will later form. This along with your inline fan will also help keep your grow space cool. If you are wondering how an inline fan and filter work, you essentially attach the fan to the filter so that when the fan is turned on, it pulls air through the filter and out the other end of the fan. You would then hang as high as you can in your grow space because this is where all the hot air will collect. You then attach ducting to the open end of the fan and lead it outside the grow so that the hot air is blown out. You will also need to leave an open “intake” hole to your grow room where air can be taken in (you can’t blow air out of an enclosed space if no air is coming in, this would create a negative pressure).

Potting: The last major thing you will decide is how many plants you will be growing and in what sized pots. For example, you could fit 4 plants in 3 gallon pots within a 3’x3’ grow tent or you could fit one 15 gallon pot in that same space. Although the 15 gallon pot would probably be a bit easier to train/manage. If you are growing in pots you might want to look into smart pots. These are soft pots specifically designed to allow roots to prune upon reaching the edges. Some choose to grow hydroponically which does not use pots but instead requires large tubs that store water fixtures capable of sustaining root development.

Will weed grow in regular dirt?

The short answer here would be yes. You could just throw some seeds in some potting mix and hope that you end up with something in the end but this is not a good idea if you are considering growing. If you have concerns about using chemical nutrients or simply if you are overwhelmed by all the different choices of nutrient formulas and the steps involved I would suggest the “water only” system that I run in my grows. I use a system called “kind soil,” it’s an organic soil that you can grow your plants in from seedling to harvest that will provide all the nutrients and food your plant needs and all you do is water every few days. Some people reading this might be thinking that not adding anything but water during the plants life cycle can’t be growing these plants to their fullest potential. While running Kind Soil your plants are constantly feeding off the organic ingredients in the Kind Soil that the plants are growing in (Organic Ingredients List:). Kind Soil is essentially all the food your plant needs for the grow minus the water. It is layered at the bottom of the pot with a grow medium (such as Coco Loco as they recommend on their website) on top (Layering Ratio: ⅓ Kind soil and ⅔ Coco Loco.) Your plants roots will expand downward and will stop at the Kind Soil to feed and as the roots draw the nutrients from the Kind Soil, they will expand further downward within the layer of Kind Soil in search of the remaining feed. I don’t know too much about other boost formulas that use chemicals in but IMO I would want to smoke buds that were grown with organic composted ingredients rather a chemical nutrient formula.

Where to grow weed in your house?

Where you choose to set up your grow has a large impact on potential issues you can run into later. Remember, you are trying to create the best sustainable environment for cannabis to grow in so there are a few things that growers have to remember to monitor.

  1. Heat: Most growers like to keep their rooms around 72-77 degrees during the day which could be an issue for growers who live in certain climates. HPS lighting also runs much hotter than LED lighting so whatever lighting fixture you decide to go with will impact the temperature of your grow room as well. If you decide to go with HPS you would have to take extra precautions in ensuring your grow room stays cool such as air conditioning. In addition, with HPS you would also need to pick an area close to a window or exit point because you will need to line ducting through the HPS bulb to outside of your tent to a place where it can be disposed of. You can run HPS lighting without air conditioning as long as the heat that is produced from the lights is being circulated out of the tent at an equal rate. LED lights run much cooler so you do necessarily have to run additional ventilation as long as your temps are low enough. In both cases growers will always additional fans in their grow rooms in order to keep the air moving which helps keep your room and lights cool. The cooler your lights run the more efficient they are.
  2. Humidity: Keeping your room at a humidity low helps to avoid molding issues that could come up. Your plants growth will also be hindered by an environment that is too moist. Any condition that you as a person wouldn’t like your cannabis plants don’t like either. They like the same temps, they like the same humidity (*optimal seedling conditions differ from maturing cannabis plants.) So if you open your tent and it feels way too hot or way too humid you are going to need to address that quickly or your plants will suffer. You can control heat with fans and air conditioning and you can minimize humidity with a dehumidifier if need be.
  3. Noise/Smell: If you are worried about smell use a carbon filter. Carbon filters also aid in controlling your grow area’s temperature, humidity, and air circulation so it makes sense just to get one but if you are not worried about smell then you technically do not need one if you can control these conditions well enough some other way. If you are concerned with the noise that several running fans makes you might want to choose an area that is in a place where you don’t mind there being a bit of background fan noise.
  4. Pests: Make sure that the area you choose to grow with is not close to your kitchen or other areas that have food stored. Sometimes food can attract pests like mites which could cause issues for your grow. Keep your grow space clean and tighty and you won’t run into issues. Also keep an eye open on potential rips or breaches in your grow area so that you can patch them quickly.

How to grow weed naturally?

If you want to grow cannabis without chemical booster formulas than you should look into composting your own super soil. If you don’t have the means or time to do this I would suggest buying readily bagged Kind Soil and pair that with a medium like Coco Loco. These two bagged soils combined will provide all the necessary ingredients for your plants to thrive without using any chemical boosters. You will find in comparison that growing cannabis naturally in this way will provide the very best smelling and tasting buds not to mention potential health gains. You could try to grow a seed in just Coco Loco but your results will not be anywhere near as good without the proper feed that Kind Soil provides.

What you need to grow weed?

All of the equipment I used in the grow journal is posted with links at the top of the page. I suggest scrolling through it to see my step by step progress. If you decide to go with a similar set up you can view my results and what I did throughout my growing process. Everything is included in the list that you will need to start growing except seeds. I get my seeds from a bank in The Netherlands called Nirvana. I usually get my seeds within 2-3 weeks within ordering. They have a decent selection at a fair price. I have only bought feminized seeds from them but they come out to be roughly ~$10 a seed. Each pack of 5 seeds is around $38-$44 depending on the strain you select but there is an additional small conversion rate if you use a card to pay. Other than the seeds and the list of equipment in my grow journal you just need water and electricity to get started.