Full Curing Guide – Home Growing Cannabis

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The next step after you have harvested and dried your plants is the curing process. Once your buds have become mostly dried this is the time to start. Curing is a very important step in the final product and helps to prevent mold in your buds. Separate the buds from the branches if you have not done so at this point. Any airtight container will do, however we recommend that you use a jar although its is perfectly safe to use metal or wood as well. It is also safe to use plastic substances if you do not have any other options but keep in mind that they can degrade due to the oils found in the plants. Fill the containers to the top loosely *DO NOT FORCE THE PLANTS IN OR COMPACT THEM IN ANY WAY.* Place a humidifier packet in the jar with the nugs, which will help to mitigate moisture. Place the container in a dark area that you know will be on the cooler side as well as making sure that the area is dry. Once you have everything set up in the containers it is time to wait. By the end of the day inspect the container and see what the buds are doing. Your buds should not be dried out anymore as the moisture from within the plant should have started to rejuvenite the entire bud and make it somewhat moist again. If your buds do not do this it means that you have dried the plants too much. 

Week 1: You will be starting a process referred to as burping. This is when you open the jar to allow fresh air into the container which helps the plants to breathe and replenishes the plants oxygen supply. It also allows excess moisture to be released. During the first week you will want to do this several times per day for a few minutes each time. 

Week 2: By this point your plants are on their way to being in excellent shape. You will only need to burp the plant once every other day or so. The idea is to slowly ease into the plants final product over time.

Week 3: At this point in the process you can start to sit back and relax. Open the container once every few days to finalize the plants conditions. If followed properly at the end of this week your plants will be in perfect condition to be enjoyed.

If you prefer you may continue the curing process from week 3 and continue to weeks 4-8 as it will only help to cure it even better and increase the potency.