Full Drying Guide – Home Growing Cannabis

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There are many ways to dry your cannabis. When you are drying it initially you want to 
be cutting about 12” or more off the plant while removing extra leaves in the process. You 
want to hang it up on a string line and give the plant a light trim. It is your preference of how 
big you want to cut your branches.

When the plants are drying they should be in a dark room that is about 60-70°F. You 
want the humidity anywhere from 45-55%. You will need a fan to calmly circulate the air, this 
helps keep the plant fresh while it is drying and preserves the aroma of the plant. It is 
recommended to have a dehumidifier in the room as well in order to obtain the best results. 
When the bigger branches are almost able to be snapped and the smaller branches are able 
to be snapped instead of bent then the plant is ready for the curing process.