Full Germination Guide – Home Growing Cannabis

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The first step in the growing process is the germination stage. In this stage the dormant seeds are given what they need to become active and start growing. There are a few ways that this can be accomplished. 

The easiest way is to just plant the seeds in the soil or whatever media that you wish to grow in and water it. Even though this method will work its not the best method because you’re unable to see if a tap root has formed.

An easy way to tell if the seeds will grow a tap root, is with a basic test with a simple solo cup filled halfway with some distilled water. All you have to do is place the seeds in the water and let them float over night. Once 24 hours is up give the seeds a little poke and see if they sink. If the seeds sink then they should be good to go, but if they stay floating then it’s a good sign that the seeds are bad. 

After letting the seeds soak for 24 hours get a paper towel soaked in water and carefully pour the water with the seeds onto the paper towel. Fold the rag over so the seeds are sitting in an envelope. Then stick the paper towel in a zip lock bag and place in a dark place unzipped for another 24 hours. Once the 24 hours are up check the paper towel and you should see the seeds have cracked opened, some may even started to grow little tap roots. These are all signs that the seeds should grow to be strong plants.