Full Topping Guide – Home Growing Cannabis

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Topping is the tried-and-true method preferred by outdoor and large commercial farmers. Outdoor growers will often top plants multiple times to get a large bushy structure. By doing this you will create more buds off of the stem of the plant which will in turn can help create a higher yield. Topped plants remain more stable, thus require less support than plants trained with FIM.

The FIMing (F**k I Missed) technique works great for growers in small spaces who are trying to maximize your yields. With so many new stalks generated, you can easily fill out a canopy in a sea of green grow with a short vegetative cycle. However, your plants will need more support, so take extra care in trellising your garden.

Whichever technique you choose, you’ll no doubt see a substantial increase in yield. If you aren’t sure what method works best for you, try both and see which you prefer. Since every grow is unique, the process is a continual learning experiment and cannabis plants are resilient, so don’t be afraid to conduct research and learn from mistakes. Keeping an eye out for new and improved products that can keep your plants strong and healthy is also something to keep in mind.