How to Setup an Indoor Cannabis Grow Tent

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The first thing that you will need to consider when starting a grow is where are you going to put it. You must keep in mind that wherever you plan to put your grow it is going to smell, so make sure you place it somewhere that you can easily vent air in and out of the room. We recommend that wherever you plan on growing to purchase a grow tent. Even though a grow tent might bump up your starting cost it will make your life so much easier in the long run. Now once you decide on what size grow tent you want you’ll need to find the best location for it. You’ll want to put it in place that doesn’t get to cold or too hot and has a decent humidity level. Basements, closets, spare room, garage, and sheds are all good location for a grow tent. 

Grow tents are great for new growers because they allow you to control the environment that your plants will live in. The optimal environment can be achieved by using carbon filters, fans, humidifiers, and heaters to maintain a perfect balance between temperature, humidity, and air flow.  

Keeping the proper room temperature constant is also a key element as the plants will not grow at all if they are not in the proper climate. For the room’s temperature you should be looking for a range of anywhere between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 to 30 degrees Celsius. The humidity of the room should be anywhere between 40-60%. Humidity is crucial to the growth of the plant’s stocks and roots.

You will also need a fan/fans to create a continuous chain of airflow for the plant as it needs freshly circulated air. Keep in mind that this will also have a small effect on the temperature of the room. The size of the fan is on a case by case basis but should be an approbate size for the size of the room you are looking to grow in. 


There are a number of different places that one can get marijuana seeds. Have you ever bought nug before and when breaking it down you find little seeds inside? Well those are the marijuana seeds and yes you can plant them and if they are good seeds you can grow a plant. Now just because the seeds are growing a plant doesn’t mean that the seeds will produce a female plant. Female plants are the ones that actually produce the marijuana. This is because male plants even though they produce some buds mostly all of their energy is used to make seeds. You also have to make sure that the seeds that you get from a nugs are good seeds. If the seeds you get are black or seem to be extra little or hollow then they are bad seeds and aren’t worth the effort to try and grow them, but if the seeds look like they have a tiger pattern to them then they are good and ready for gemination. 

Now the best place that we recommend getting seeds from is an online store. They have many options so you can choose exactly what you want. Whether that be indica or sativa, feminized or non feminized, to even auto flowering.

 Autoflowering might be the easiest for first time grows because they will let you know when it’s time to change cycles where are normal seeds need a little more attention and some previous knowledge of what to look for. But don’t worry we have all info you need to be successful at growing any type of seeds. 

When buying seeds online we recommend buying at least feminized seeds. There are a few reasons for this. Yes, non feminized seeds are less expensive but they do not guarantee that you will receive a female plant and then you have wasted your money and time trying to grow a plant that will not produce what you want. The other reason is because if you do end up getting a male plant growing in the same space as your female plants then it will fertilize them and they will only produce seeds and little buds. So save yourself some time and money and just get feminized seeds to make sure that you have all female plants. 

After you get your seeds you should make sure that if your not ready to plant them right away that you store them properly so that you don’t end up hurting or even killing the seeds. This is because the seeds are actually living organisms and they react to humidity and light. So the best place to store your seeds is in the refrigerator or freezer. If this is not possible you can also store them in a draw or cabinet that is dark and dry. Try to not disturb or move your seeds once you put them in store until your ready to start planting them. 

Grow tent

First you need to decide where you will be setting up your grow. It can be anywhere from a simple closet grow all the way to an entire room. To properly get started you must determine the size of the room. Keep in mind that the size will determine how much space the plants will grow into. Since they can grow to the size of their enclosure this is an important question you must take into account when growing.

Grow tents are the easiest for new growers to setup and they make it easy to clean after the grow is over. When deciding which grow tent is best for you first decide what size tent you’ll need. When looking up tents you’ll find that there are cheaper tents and there are more expensive tents. The cheaper tents will work and do the job they just don’t last as long. The material they are made out of is thinner and easier to tear and usually their zippers are not high quality and will let some light seep into the tent. The little more expensive tents have thicker material and will not rip after a few times of breaking down the tent. Also the reflective material on the inside and they way the material is stitched together is usually higher quality. For some great grow tent options and pricing check out our shop. We have all the best grow tents and where to purchases them for the best price.


Lighting is one of the most important parts of the grow. You must calculate the ratio of space to light so there is not too much light on the plants for optimal health. The light cycle must also stay consistent from light to dark or it can cause problems further down the road. 

For the germination and vegetation stages the range for the cycle of light should either be 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. However keeping the lights on for 24 hours per day is also an option as the light will not harm the plant. It is possible to keep a plant in the vegetation stage as the only way to continue on to the flowering stage is by changing the light cycle.

The flowering stage’s light range should be 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. The reason for using and changing the light cycles is to accurately simulate the light cycles that they would grow in, in their natural environment. Longer days in the summer and shorter days in the fall. 

Keeping the room as air tight as possible to create an envelope that seals the light in and does not allow light to leak out, is needed to encase the plants in their own environment. Using a white tarp or grow foil are useful options to help maximize the growth of the plants. 


One of the most important things to keep in mind when setting up a new grow is how your going to ventilate your space. The reason ventilation is so crucial is because your plants need clean fresh air in order to grow healthy and strong. If you leave your plants in stal air they can start growing spores and unwanted discoloring of your leaves.

The best way to avoid that is to install a good exhaust and intake system into your grow area. When setting up a ventilation system there are a few thing you need to plan out first before buying the fans. First you need to calculate the volume of air that is in your grow area. This is easy to calculate, all you need is to measure the length, width, and height of your room. Once you get all your dimensions just multiply all three dimensions to get the total cubic feet of your room. This is important to know because when you shop for fans they use cubic feet per minute (CFM) to classify each fan. You’ll want to be able to exhaust all the air in your grow area every three minutes and replace it with fresh air. So once you know how many cubic feet your grow area is divide that number by 3 and that will tell you how many CFMs you need for your fans. Now we recommend that you use carbon scrubbers on both your exhaust and intake and in that case you should add about 20% to your CFM rating to compensate for the added scrubber. 

Now once you figure out which fans you are going to get the next thing to consider is where in the room are you going to mount each fan. For the best air flow and ventilation you should put your exhaust fan on the ceiling or top of the grow tent in one corner and place your intake ducting in the opposite corner on the bottom of your grow area. The reason for this is because hot air rises so placing the exhaust fan at the ceiling it will suck out all the stale air first and that way the intake can supply fresh air for the plant on the ground.